Despite what you've probably been told, there really isn’t a guaranteed easy route to winning new business. It is a complicated process with many pitfalls - our mentoring support is there to help you avoid them.

Tailored to your agency’s unique situation and circumstances we uncover agency truths and get to the heart of your business, its culture, its people and its customers. Helping you balance business desires with commercial realities, building your new business roadmap and giving you the tools you need for the journey.

Recent Casestudies:

What we did:

A Trojan Horse to open new markets

A Regional digital agency had grown organically, but growth had slowed and much of their work was coming from low margin sectors.

By analysing their services, we created a Trojan horse to get them into new markets and in front of prospects that would help improve their market reach.  We re-wrote their whole business strategy to develop opportunities outside of their core services.

We opened up three new markets and helped them win enough business to double the size of the agency in two years.

Key Achievements
Opened up three new markets
Doubled the agency in two years

An independent PR agency with huge ambitions for growth came to us for help to achieve them.

We developed a campaign strategy that delivered a clever mix of highly targeted and personalised DM, roundtable events, social and supported with good old-fashioned calling! We returned an average of £250K in fee/year from a £25K investment and helped the agency double its growth targets.

Key Achievements
£250K ROI
Doubled growth targets
What we did:

Multi touch point sales strategy

What we did:

New business culture change

A young, ambitious Comms agency experienced rapid growth then hit a glass ceiling as the agency founder became increasingly diverted from new business to running the business.

Following an in-depth discovery session, we developed a strategy that put new business at the core of the agency.  Working with the founder, and key staff, we provided a new business mentoring and support programme which resulted in the agency doubling in size in the first year.

Key Achievements
New business at the agency core
Doubled the agency in one year

A promotional agency came to us believing they needed more meetings to secure more business.

We reviewed and re-created a strategy focusing the agency on winning business - rather than just attending more meetings. After three months each opportunity converted to a brief and in the first six months the total new business won doubled.

Key Achievements
All meetings converted to briefs
Doubled new business wins in 6 months
What we did:

A change of focus to quality, not quantity